Delegation of CWNU visits URCA

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Between September 20 and September 26, the delegation of CWNU led by President Zhangjian, at the invitation of Universite de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, paid visit to URCA. The whole delegation was made up of the director of Foreign Affairs office, the director of Dean's office, the dean of Physical Education Institute, the dean of Art Institute and the Dean of Music Institute, along with some teachers and students, totalling 32 members. The main purpose of this visit was to have an in-depth consultation on the issue about cooperation programs between the two universities and conclude the agreement while organizing exchange activities in the areas of fine arts and sports to promote cultural exchanges. This visit also constituted a key part of cooperation and exchanges in prospect between Sichuan Province of China and Champagne-Ardenne Region of France.

On 21 September, the president of URCA, Gilles Baillat received the delegation and held grand reception afterwards. The president welcomed the delegation with cordial greeting and the president of CWNU responded their hospitality with sincere gratitude. President Zhang, in his presentation speech, advocated interantional cooperation on higher education. And he earnestly hoped that collaboration between the two universities would promote cultural exchanges between China and France, and further cooperation beween Nanchong and Champagne-Ardenne. On 22 September, the mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet and the president of Champagne-Ardenne Region, Jean Paul Bachy, hosted reception banquets respectively for the delegation of CWNU. President Zhang gave a speech of thanks in the banquet and conveyed regards to the hosts on behalf of the mayor of Nanchong City.

During this visit, President Zhang, accompanied by other delegation members, was provided with an investigation into chief bodies of URCA, ranging from Department of Natural Science, Department of Physhical Activities and Sports, Department of Economics and Management ro Department of Literature and Humanities. Meanwhile, an in-depth discussion was held between officials of two universities concerning the "2+2" undergraduate program jointly runned by URCA and CWNU, as well as program for academic exchange and short-term visiting program. The meeting was concluded with consummation of aggreements on these issues.

Reresentives from Music Institute of CWNU gave brilliant performances in the concert of Chinese classic music and were loudly applauded by the audiences of Reims. Delegation members from Physical Education Institute of CWNU competed with their counterparts in URCA respectively in badminton match, tennis match and table tennis match. Display of works of art by members from Fine Art Institute of CWNU in a special exhibition was highly rated by spectators of Reims. These successes marked the accomplishments of this overseas exchange in reinforcing intercollegiate partnership and contributing to French people's better understanding of China.

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